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Point of Care Ultrasound Workshop

The Libyan Cardiac Society in collaboration with the Libyan Thoracic Society organizing hybrid Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) workshop. The workshop consists of three phases of learning to provide a comprehensive learning experience.  The POCUS workshop targets ICU physicians. In the first cohort, they are 4 hospitals participated in this workshop with total of 28 ICU physicians enrolled in the workshop since September 2021.

Firstly, biweekly online lecture series teaching both fundamental and advanced POCUS.

Secondly, supervised hands-on training sessions in small groups where instructors meet the attendees in 1 to 5 ratio at classroom to practice and apply the knowledge they learned from the lectures.

Finally, the learners are encouraged to practice on patients and obtained standard views and classic signs for certain disease pattern using POCUS and upload them to web-based cloud for instructors’ feedback.

At the end of the workshop, certificate of completion will be issued to all participants who successfully completed the workshop requirements and become proficient with POCUS in ICU settings.

Course directors: Drs. Mohammed Megri, Mohamed Benlamin, Anas Zarmouh, and Aiman Smer.

Course lecturers: Drs. Mohammed Megri, Faysal Al-Ghoula, Hamza Rayes, and Nezar Shlaka.

Course instructors: Drs. Asma Sasi, Shima Bensasi, Ahmed Alagel, Mahmoud Almahjob, Nezar Shlaka, Hatem Elfageh, Emad Fhema, and Osama Abuzuagaia.



Dec 17 - 24 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm



Libyan Cardiac Society

Tripoli, Libya

+218 91 749 4086

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Tripoli, Libya

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